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Carbon Facial is a non-invasive strategy that includes applying a layer of liquid carbon on the confront and employing a laser to blast away the carbon. It removes dead skin cells, zits and oil and clears out the skin gleaming and more radiant. Want to induce a carbon peeling in Mumbai? Get it done with Dr Azaram Khan, the skin expert  in Mumbai who is an experienced and well-known cosmetic surgeon and clinical dermat.

What is Carbon Peeling Treatment

A carbon facial is a facial treatment where the main fixing used is carbon. The main aim of the procedure is to leave your skin smoother, firmer and much supple. It is a non-invasive process that employs fluid carbon to remove skin pollutions. After the fluid carbon, a carbon laser is utilizedZits and whiteheads are expelled effectively and also fine lines and wrinkles are handled with this process. In a way, the carbon facial prepare acts as a carbon peeling.

How is a Carbon Facial Done?

  1. The process starts by applying a liquid carbon paste on cleaned and dry face. The liquid is easily absorbed by the upper layers of your skin but does not get absorbed too deeper layers  of the skin. The paste is left to dry.
  2. A carbon laser is used on the carbon paste. The carbon in the paste starts to react with the open and enlarged pores on your face and it also starts breaking down the blackhead and whiteheads on your face.
  3. Thus the facial has the effect of a carbon peeling. A little bit of heat that is generated during the process, helps in the collagen generation, and improved elasticity of the skin. When carbon facials are done multiple times, the skin will be visibly improved.
  4. The laser reaches the deeper layers of the skin. It causes microabrasions to the collagen and elastin fibers. Thus agitates them and prompts them to repair and thereby improve the texture of the skin.
  5. The entire process is ended with a cleansing, toning and moisturizing of your skin, which leaves the skin feeling luxurious and glowing.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for laser carbon peel aftercare:

  1. One should apply moisturizer continuously to leave the skin hydrated.
  2. Some flaking and dryness may be experienced for a few days, but it is completely normal.
  3. Use of sunscreen regularly with SPF 30+ atleast for several days after treatment.
  4. No use of retinol for atleast 5 days after the treatment.
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