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Are you looking to add some extra lenght and volume to your existing hair? If yes, then hair extension in Mumbai is the perfect solution for you. Whether you are looking forward to adding some hair volume to your hair or want to increase the length of existing hair, hair extension in Mumbai is the one-stop solution that works like charm. They give a 100% natural look to your hair and enhance the overall personality. 

When it comes to getting more thicker, stronger and long hair with 100% natural results, then hair extensions are the best solution. They are very simple, easy to add and remove and most importantly cost-effective and painless. On top of that, they enable you to have the hairstyle of your choice, without degrading the quality of your existing hair. 

Generally, hair extensions in Mumbai come in numerous hues, types, styles, lengths and surfaces to match with anyone’s hair type and colour. Normal to human hair extensions in Mumbai is relatively costly because they can be shaded, twisted, treated or set as per your styling requirement. 



Why get an Hair Extention at Aperia?

Asperia Clinic started its hair extension services in Mumbai with an aim to help individuals enhance their look and hair by adding natural human hair to their existing hair.  

Our hair extensions in Mumbai are present in ultra-luxury segments of many salons, cosmetic brands and healthcare products across Mumbai. We have a superior and premium buyer and brand ambassadors present in most countries. 

We have a roster of national as well international buyers and brand ambassadors present in most countries. Our handcrafted collection of human hair extensions in Mumbai is recognised by renowned hairstylists and many celebrities as well. 

On top of everything, we get the best quality human hair extensions in Mumbai from across the globe. We do not use any chemicals in our hair extensions. Without compromising the quality, we provide hair extensions at the lowest price all over the world to enhance the natural look and feel of our clients hair. 

Our stylists and hair experts are chosen because of their industry-leading standards. Both our hair and service are quality guaranteed.

100% Natural hair Extention

At Asperia Clinic we use nothing but 100% natural hair extension in Mumbai, which is the finest hair available anywhere in India. We have crafted our own reputation for using our own hair extension and our clients know that they are investing in the best hair that will last for longer than a time period.

Extra Skilled

Our hair extension service really does set us apart from other clinics and as a team, we are all extra skilled in hair - we make your colour match, and then hand-make each strand in a size that suits your hair and fits them using our micro rings or bonds.

Qualified Hair Sylists

At Asperia, we have a team of qualified hair stylists and experts who have years of experience in the hair care industry in India as well as aboard. We truly believe that hair extensions in Mumbai should not be carried out by technicians or hair care experts but rather by stylists who understand the nitty-gritty of this niche.

24*7 Support

Our team understand the basic nitty-gritty and principles of good hair care and has developed skills in all types of hairstyling. We are dedicated to leading the industry in offering the best maintenance advice and follow-up support to our clients 24*7 and helping them to achieve the look they deserve.

What Are The Benefits Of Hair Extention?

Now you might have got a complete overview of the best hair extensions in Mumbai. It now important to understand what are the benefits of hair extension and why should you get these services? 

  • 1. Fix split ends

    If you are a woman, then you already know the issue and struggling with split ends, right? As the hair starts to grow longer, the split ends become more visible and might hamper the overall look and feel of your hair. Luckily there’s something called hair extensions in Mumbai that can help you to deal with this issue. Hair extensions can hide your split ends, especially if your hair is too long and they’ll help you to make your hair look more vibrant and good looking. Also, they’ll assist you with getting the hairstyle that you deserve.

  • 2. Get hair colour

    Gone are the days when women only wore hair extensions in Mumbai to give their hair a good length and add volume to it. Today, hair extensions are used for too many reasons from fixing split ends issues to adding more volume to your hair and everything in between. In fact, hair extensions can also be used to colour your hair without any chemical usage and harmful practices. All these can be done without worrying about any damage caused by dye. So, if you want to add subtle colours to your hair subtly, place the hair extensions on the bottom half of your head.

  • 3. Adds more volume to hair

    Another benefit of hair extensions in Mumbai is that they can add more volume to your hair and make them look very thick. Hair extensions are known for their ability to add instant volume to your hair, making them more visible and shiny. Even many national and international celebrities are using hair extensions to nail their red carpet hairstyles. The chances are, the glossy, voluminous mane you’re ending is hair extensions added by a hairstylistAdds Length to existing hair

  • 4. Adds length to existing hair

    Whether you agree with us or not, growing hair requires loads of time and patience. Depending on your desired hair length, you may need to wait for a couple of months or even hair before you can get your hair growth goal. However, if you want to fasten up this process, you can take the help of hair extensions. Hair extensions are the perfect solution for people who want to grow their hair quickie and hassle-free. Hair extensions in Mumbai come in handy and allow you to cut your hair as per the desired length and volume. They also give you 100% independency over-styling your hair. Or you can go all out with your hair extensions – even sporting waist-length hair if you wish.

  • 6. Essay to use and non-invasive

    Last but not the least, hair extensions in Mumbai are easy, simple and effortless to use. Just clip in your favourite hair extension for the look you want and you are good to go. With hair extensions, you can transform your appearance in seconds and style your hair within minutes without much effort.

  • 5. You can get any hairstyle

    Want to get different hairstyles at an affordable rate, but either don’t have the length or are worried about the damage you may do to your hair? Hair extensions near me have got your back. With a huge variety of hair extensions to choose from, you can easily get the type of hairstyle that you want– minus the waiting time to grow your hair long, or damage from dyes and straightening irons. Hair extensions give you loads of options when it comes to styling your hair. So if you like you can have long hair today, and long, curly hair next week. Hair extensions enable you to express a multiple of personalities through your hairstyle.


FAQ About Hair Extention In Mumbai

When applied safely and adequately, excellent quality hair extensions do not damage your hair. Appropriate tools and application, associated with diligent home care and maintenance, means your natural hair can grow healthier and never break. At Asperia, we have used hair extensions to grow out post-chemo hair and chemically or colour-damaged hair. Everything we choose to work with is selected with your hair health as our priority 

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