Are you fed up with your tattoo and want to get rid of it? Does your profession require you to maintain clean and clear skin? Are you looking forward to getting a new tattoo on your skin, but need to clear the first one? If yes, then tattoo removal in Mumbai should be your choice. During ancient times, the tattoo was considered a sign of identification and everyone used to have this on their body as identification cards. Both men and women used to have a tattoo on their body parts, which embarked as a symbol of their caste, religion and creed. Since it is a fact that every age-old practice and concept takes their advanced definition with time, the tattoo has become more of a fashion now. With different colours, cool looks, funky designs, shapes and colours, the tattoo has become more of a fashion now. However, tattoo removal in Mumbai is also a choice of concern as it puts human nature to switch from one taste to another. So, removing a previous tattoo is not just daunting but risky as well. Today, with the advancement of technology, laser tattoo removal in Mumbai or permanent tattoo removal has become much easier. Within a few sessions or sittings, you can get rid of your tattoo and get your skin back as previous.


Amateur tattoo

As the name says, an amateur tattoo is usually made with a single colour with the help of Indian or other low-quality ink such as black, brown or blue. This tattoo can be applied with the help of a needle and a bottle of Indian ink without the supervision of an expert. These types of tattoos are made by unprofessionals and are not at all good looking in the long haul. Such types of tattoos were widely famous during the 2000s. Since these tattoos are made with poor quality machinery and low-quality Indian ink, they are easy to remove with the help of laser tattoo removal in Mumbai.

Professional tattoos

Professional tattoos are exactly the opposite of amateur tattoos. They are made by experts using modern-day machines and technology with foreign ink. Once made, this tattoo will remain on your skin for life until you decide to remove them. Professional tattoos are made by pro tattoo experts using modern machines, the latest technology and colours that are applied evenly on the skin. These types of tattoos are permanent and it takes 2-4 months to completely get rid of professional tattoos.

Cosmetic tattoos

This type of tattoo is also known as permanent make-up. They include the application of pigments into the skin which results in soft shades that imitate cosmetic make-up. For example, eyebrows, eyeliner and lip liner that are tattooed into the skin. This type of tattoo is an everlasting form of makeup that removes the need to apply any kind of beauty or cosmetic product on the skin.

Traumatic tattoos

Traumatic tattoos are caused by accident or any traumatic event in life such as stabbed wounds from a pen, razor or needle.


Asperia clinic is one of the most trusted and well-known tattoo removal clinics in Mumbai backed by highly qualified professionals, nurses, medical staff and skincare experts. One can surely visit our clinic for advanced laser tattoo removal in Mumbai and get treated well without any hassle. We are supported by a state of the art medical aid facility, tools and the latest laser equipment to help you get rid of your tattoo in Mumbai. With the help of experts’ guidance and a team of professional skincare specialists, Asperia clinic has crafted some of the best tattoo removal services in Mumbai that are proven to have a long-lasting impact on skin. We aim not only to remove tattoos but also offer comprehensive care including quick response time, advanced treatment, and fast results at an affordable pricing point.t our clinic, we begin the tattoo removal treatment of our patients with a consultation. After the consultation and examination of the patient, our skincare expert conducts additional tests, if necessary. 

Our team of specialists will give expert advice on the surgery and even tell you about the factors on which the cost of your hair restoration will depend. The surgeries performed by our team of experts have no side effects. 

Furthermore, there is no age or gender bar to undergoing our tattoo removal treatment in Mumbai. We have got years of experience in performing tattoo removal in Mumbai. With the in-depth knowledge of our skincare experts and using the latest laser technology, we give you the best results. We have a proven track record of working with a diverse range of customers with various tattoos such as professional, cosmetic, ordinary and a lot more.We also take pride in our skincare experts and surgeons who work relentlessly to offer the best tattoo removal service. Our skincare experts have wealth of experience and tremendous knowledge in offering a safe and hassle-free experience to each customer who visits us. When you opt for our laser tattoo removal, you can be assured of having the most natural-looking skin like previous. Tattoo removal by us will be permanent and give you long-lasting results.



Before getting your tattoo removal in Mumbai, you must know that no tattoo removal surgery offers guaranteed results. It is best to consult with an expert skin care specialist and then set your expectations accordingly for the treatment. In some cases, the tattoo might completely fade away, leaving behind clear skin. 

Whereas, in a few cases tattoos might not completely fade away and might leave scars behind. Therefore, it is of utmost importance for you to consult an expert before getting your tattoo removal in Mumbai. 


You must also know that every laser tattoo removal treatment is not the same as the other. So, it is understood that tattoos cannot be removed in one single session.

After proper check-ups and a complete analysis of the tattoo, your doctor will be able to figure out how many sessions it will take to remove your tattoo. In the case of a simple tattoo, it might take 2-4 sessions to remove the tattoo, while a professional tattoo requires 6-8 sessions or more. 

Also, there are intervals between the sessions that are decided by your doctor. 

Sometimes an individual might want to remove the tattoo quickly, but without a proper gap or interval between the session, the patient might develop side effects and irritation on the skin. 

To simply put, the session of tattoo removal treatment depends on factors like the type of tattoo, shape, size, colour used and skin type most importantly. 


The tattoo removal procedure also depends upon the type of tattoo you have crafted on your body. For example, amateur tattoos which are made by unprofessionals are easy to remove as they are done with poor quality ink.  Whereas professional tattoos are made by expert tattoo artists using the best machine and top-quality ink that goes deeper into the skin and is also a lot denser. 

That’s the reason why it is difficult to remove professional tattoos.


The last on this list is the doctor’s experience.

It is best advised to get your tattoo removed by the best skin care specialist with years of experience in the field and a proven track record. 


Another thing to consider before tattoo removal is the location of the tattoo on your body. In the majority of cases, the location of the tattoo is very important and makes a lot of impact on the results. 

For example, a tattoo on the hand or forearm might fade away quickly as compared to a tattoo on the back. Also, tattoos that are made on the sensitive part of the body are daunting and tedious to remove. 




At Asperia clinic, the procedure of laser tattoo removal treatment is accomplished with some amount of temperate pain that can be managed by the use of a local anesthetic.

The tattoo removal hurts, but most patients don’t require anesthesia. Relying on the location of your tattoo, you may want to apply a topical anesthesia cream earlier.


One may think that the tattoo removal in Mumbai price may be too high which might hinder them to go for one. But the cost is quite affordable. One can get the treatment at one of the best clinics at a decent tattoo removal cost in Mumbai. 

This is the reason why many people from other towns visit the clinic to get an amazing laser tattoo removal in Mumbai. The tentative or the average price for the entire procedure comes to be around Rs.4000/-. People are happy about the overall cost and services after the procedure ends and when their tattoo is removed.

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